I started my career as a designer when I was only 14 years old, but only recently I felt that I was really ready for my first ready-to-wear collection. Yes, I have already created more than 10 collections, but these were only exclusive out ts, for which I drew inspiration from my work in the Atelier mode. Having 18 years of invaluable experience, working with different body types, dealing with the individual inner world - all of this laid the foundation of my brand - I can con dently say that I know exactly what femininity looks like in all of its manifestations.
At this stage, having gathered all my will into a first, I threw away all the unnecessary and left only the base, which i consider to be my
-dresses covers
-high waist trousers
-white shirts
-stylish asymmetric jackets.
-practical overalls
It is very important for me that my clothes do not look trite and simple, and at the same time I try to create so that, even after a while, it does not look mundane. For me, the practicality of my clothes and the fact that you can easily combine all the units of the collection with each other are of them fundamental importance .
Peplums and corsets occupy a special place in mycollection, they are unique in their ability to constantly create new images , they can be easily put on over the daytime look and a woman can go to dinner or a party boldly and in style . Femininity is an important and special feature of my brand. In general, I perceive my feminine birth as a great success (the [sek'ses ] by Striletskaya- name of the brand) and convey this to others. But, this is not something weak and helpless, with which the feminine principle is often associated, this is a voluminous multifaceted image of a modern woman who can do everything, yet never forgets that she is a woman (... and by that she is right).
by Striletskaya
The brand logo stands for the success of being
born a women and the whole art of staying it
throughout life. The transcription of the logo and pronunciation indicates the sexy style of my brand, I and my clients are not afraid to behave confidently and catch the views of others, while we never look dreessed in poor taste.
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